Johanson Manufacturing produces High Quality Trimmer Capacitors, Non Magnetic Variable Inductors and Microwave Tuning Elements.

Air Trimmer Capacitors

Air Capacitors are designed specifically for RF applications, VHF through microwave, and have become the industry standard of excellence. High Q and temperature stability are a result of proper attention to geometry and choice of optimum materials.

Non-Magnetic Trimmer Capacitors

Non-Magnetic Capacitors are specifically designed for low magnetic signature applications such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, and other medical applications. These high stability Non-Magnetic Capacitors feature the one piece self locking constant torque construction for superior performance in very high strength magnetic fields.

Cera-Trim® Trimmer Capacitors

Based around our Thin-Trim capacitors, Johanson's Cera-Trims are designed for use in harsh environments. The ceramic housing and color-coded epoxy seal protect the capacitor from solder fluxes and cleaning solvents. In use, the housing continues to protect the trimmer and provide rugged reliability.

Ceramic Single Turn Trimmer Capacitors

In addition to Johanson's high performance line of low profile trimmers, Johanson Manufacturing offers a full range of surface mount capacitors that are designed and priced for high volume commercial applications.

Thin-Trim® Trimmer Capacitors

Our Thin-Trim capacitors are ideal for applications where size and performance are most critical. These single-turn capacitors exhibit remarkable electrical characteristics for their small size. Useful up to 2 GHz, these trimmers are perfect for low-profile applications.

Seal-Trim® Trimmer Capacitors

Our Seal-Trims are also built around the Thin-Trim capacitors. These capacitors are encased in a high performance polymer housing that is wave solderable and protects the trimmer from contamination.

Giga-Trim® Trimmer Capacitors

Giga-Trims® are tiny trimmer capacitors which provide a straight-forward technique for fine RF and microwave circuits by eliminating time consuming methods of abrasive trimming, cut and try adjustment techniques, and interchange of fixed capacitors.

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